The importance of staying hydrated, especially after an exhaustive workout, run or time on a bike, has been known for some time. Generally, medical professionals have made it clear that only water will do, or a no- or low-sugar sports drink with electrolytes, for these purposes.

Not so, says new research. Recently, a study was completed that showed how great low-alcohol beer can be when used to replenish both internal fluids and electrolytes. Scientists at Granada University in Spain had a group of men run for just under an hour in a hot and humid room, causing them to lose fluids at a rapid rate. One group drank as much water as they wanted while the other drank 22-ounces of beer (just about two cans or long necks). They then studied urine samples of the men and what they found surprised them: the samples from the men who drank the beer had the same amount of hydration as the men who drank the water! Also, they found that the beer replenished necessary carbohydrates that are lost through excessive sweating as well!

Just remember, all of this is done under the pretense of moderate intake. You’re not going to get any fitter or healthier drinking a six-pack of 10% IPA after your run… but you will get a pretty good buzz!