In a perfect world, all parents would make their own baby food but we know that there are other obligations to contend with: work, sleep, social life (if there’s any left!), and everything else that comes up (or gets left behind) when you’ve got a newborn. Also, having the ability to make your own baby food is a privilege we don’t all consider. You’ve got to have the proper equipment and the funds to buy the raw ingredients and that’s not always accessible to everyone (although perhaps it should be).

Either way, if you can find your way to a decent blender and an hour or two to spare, there are many potential benefits of making your own baby food:

  1. You know exactly what’s going into your baby food and, later, your baby’s body. Many baby foods, especially more inexpensive varieties, will stretch add filler ingredients, which don’t sound like they’d be especially good for your little one. Ascorbic acid, juice concentrates and rice flour, while not intrinsically harmful, likely aren’t the best things to add to your baby’s diet!
  2. It can be more economical. While this isn’t always the case, you can likely get a ten-pound bag of carrots at the grocery store for less than ten bucks and turn that into enough baby food to last you until your little one is a toddler! Some parents report that this isn’t always the case, you should explore your options and see if it isn’t cheaper to make your own.
  3. It gets you (and maybe your baby) thinking about healthy food choices. When you start making decisions for your child, like what to feed them, it can often lead to healthier meal choices. This might even begin to extend to your solid-food-eating family and your child’s dietary decisions down the road!

While we may not always have the time or the money to spend making our own baby food, it’s a choice worth considering as you welcome the new member of your family into your home!