For some reason we got it in our heads that sweating is gross or in some way bad for you. Both women and men spend a lot of money, time and energy trying to sweat less. Sure, sometimes it can smell a bit funky or be an inconvenience when you’re trying to gesture at a business meeting, but for all intents and purposes, sweating is very good for you.

  1. Sweat keeps our bodies at the right temperature—a perfect 98.6 degrees. Why are you sweating? You’re getting too hot! If you didn’t sweat, you’d overheat in seconds. Sweating is just the natural air conditioning of the body!
  2. When you sweat a bunch of awesome things begin to happen to your body. Your heart rate begins to rise and keeps blood pumping to your muscles, which are getting the job done and this increases blood flow. All of this leads to strengthening your contractions over time making your stronger overall. Sweating also helps get heat-shock proteins ready and roaring. Think of heat-shock proteins as a set of responses protecting other proteins from damage as well as helping damaged proteins get healthy.
  3. You’ll help your body better regulate sodium loss and better manage cramps. Sweat only contains 1 percent salt, carbohydrates and potassium (the rest is water) and teaching your body to effectively regulate its own sodium is really important. Lose too sodium and you risk decreased strength, fatigue, and muscle cramps causing your overall workouts to suffer. The more frequently you sweat, the better your body gets at conserving its own sodium, helping both your performance and recovery.

There’s no reason to fear the sweat when you’re working out. In fact, you should embrace it! Sweat is just your body learning to work better and that’s always a good thing!