Many new parents often think one of two things when their getting their babies on solid foods: “what will my baby like to eat?” or “Won’t my baby like to eat everything?” The answers to both might surprise you.

First, believe it or not, no, your baby will not like to eat everything. In fact, many babies begin to develop their palate between the ages of four and seven months. This is what some call the “flavor window” and is the time when you should begin to get your baby interested in the food they’ll be eating throughout their life. Don’t fret if you miss this window though, just because you didn’t get them to try pureed broccoli doesn’t mean they’re going to hate broccoli forever (although they probably will for many years). During this time, though, researchers surmise that you can steer your baby away from being “picky eaters” later in life.

During this time, mix it up! Try a little bit of everything: from exotic fruits to pureed meats and maybe even some avocado (we all know millennial parents love their avocado). Your baby will learn to like the foods you teach them to like—so yeah, go ahead and bust out those Brussels sprouts early and save yourself a lot of trouble in the terrible twos!