Even when the temperatures rising, folks still want to be in the yard so why not create a shady oasis for your friends and family? Here are three ideas that will surely do just that!

1. Build a Garden Playhouse

If you’re interested in a longer project or one that’s a bit more permanent, try building one of these amazing garden playhouses.

The construction can be as simple or as advanced as you choose. Any way you size it you’re going to have a great space for your young ones to play or even a nice place for the adults to lounge and get away for a while.

2. Hang Shade Sail

Shade sails are all the rage these days and have taken over porches from your neighbor’s house to the neighborhood bar so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t hang one yourself. They’re great because they provide shade and they’re perforated so airflow can move freely.

There are plenty of guides out there to help you find the shade sail that’s right for you as well as the best way to install it for your backyard space.  

3. Create a Backyard Wonderland

Especially if some of the young ones have birthdays coming up, this could be a great idea. There are a few things you can do to make this veritable dreamscape a reality.

One of the more creative ways to liven up your backyard wonderland is by turning an old stump or even just the trunk of a tree into a “gnome home.” Gnomes are mythical creatures who are said to be helpful to humans (unlike fairies and trolls). All you need to do is craft a couple of windows and doors and glue them on the tree! Best of all, there are a number of ways you can do this cute project!

Now you’ve got three ideas for your honey-do list—so what are you waiting for?