25. Seinfeld


The entire series of the Show About Nothing is streaming on Hulu. This alone is enough reason to get a subscription.

24. Days of Thunder

Days of Thunder

The best movie about NASCAR racing that isn’t Talladega Nights. Two bitter rivals become friends after dual injuries sideline their careers. Days of Thunder also boasts some of the best character names for a movie about fast cars—Cole Trickle (Tom Cruise), Rowdy Burns (Michael Rooker) and Russ Wheeler (Cary Elwes).

23. The Babadook

The Babadook

A monster haunts a family from the pages of a children’s book. This is a scary-ass movie about how much it sucks to be a single mom.

22. Ain’t Them Bodies Saints

Aint Them Bodies Saints

A rambling but beautiful film centered on a man who is released from prison and goes to find his former lover and the child she bore. The allusions to Terrance Malick are earned and Casey Affleck is at his mush-mouthed best.

21. Cadillac Man

Cadillac Man

Robin Williams plays a sleazy car salesman who’s deep in debt. In an effort to save his skin, he attempts to sell off his entire stock of Caddies. Unfortunately, things get complicated when the scorned lover of one of his many girlfriends (Tim Robbins) comes into the dealership armed with an automatic weapon!

20. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Every kid who skipped school in the 80s and 90s probably imagined their day would go a lot like Ferris Bueller’s—fancy restaurant, art museum, cool car, etc. For most kids, though, it was probably staying home and watching reruns of Wings.

19. The Hours

The Hours

Three women and the book that unites them. Nicole Kidman is unrecognizable as Virginia Woolf attempting to write her opus, Mrs. Dalloway, while Meryl Streep and Julianne Moore read the book in the future, and it changes their lives. Ostensibly, they were not forced to read the novel in AP English.

18. JFK


With a nod and a wink, Oliver Stone examines one of America’s most famous conspiracies. Jim Garrison (Kevin Costner) begins to doubt the findings on the Kennedy assassination and begins a little investigation of his own.

17. Payback


Mel Gibson finally gets vengeance on all those nasty folks who’ve done him wrong.

16. The Puffy Chair

The Puffy Chair

A landmark mumble-core film starring the second-to-last funny guy from The League. In all seriousness, most people don’t know that the Duplass brothers were “important filmmakers” until one of them ended up on a show about upper-middle-class fantasy sports enthusiasts.

15. RoboCop 3

Robocop 3

Written by famed anarcho-libertarian comic book scribe Frank Miller, RoboCop 3 kind of goes off the rails. There are robot ninjas, and the filmmakers were panned for trimming all the good stuff to get it down to PG-13. You have to understand, by this point in time there were RoboCop cartoons, lunch boxes and toys. Just seven years earlier, the original RoboCop was a cyberpunk bloodbath tackling gentrification, corporate greed, and the militarization of the police force among other, timely themes.

14. The Straight Story

The Straight Story 1

A guy drives a tractor to tend to his estranged brother who has just had a stroke. This entire film was made just to prove that David Lynch could do “normal.”

13. The Warriors

The Warriors

A colorful New York City gang fights through the night to get back to Coney Island in probably one of the best films ever made.

12. Prison Break: Season 5

Prison Break Season 5

Apparently Prison Break was a Big Deal way back in the early aughts. Its return hints that Michael Scofield might not be dead and the biggest jailbreak ever is yet to come. Just for the record, there are characters named “T-Bag,” “C-Note,” and “Sucre.”

11. Cesar Millan’s Dog Nation

Cesar Milan Dog Nation

In the words of Cesar Millan, “You have to establish dominance,” but anyone keeping up with national politics probably already knows that. The show finds the Dog Whisperer crisscrossing the country looking for problem hounds to mansplain.

10. The Handmaid’s Tale: Series Premiere

The Handmaids Tale

Margaret Atwood’s gripping novel comes to life just at the exact right moment in history when we all need a little more of a reminder that, yes, we are indeed living in a fascist dystopia.

9. Tapeheads


John Cusack seems to be doing a Gomez Addams cosplay here in this pseudo-love letter to the Los Angeles music industry. The film is centered on two down-on-their-luck music video directors who accidentally catch a public servant in the act. There are some interesting themes here about censorship and commodity that barely get scratched but Tim Robbins is having fun and really that’s all that matters.

8. The Switch

The Switch

People really lambasted this movie because it had Jennifer Aniston playing Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman playing Jason Bateman, but, honestly, what more could we ask from them? Jeff Goldblum’s bit part as Bateman’s friend is worth the price of admission alone. Oh, and it’s about a guy who inadvertently becomes his friend’s sperm donor after he spills the original donor sperm somehow.

7. The People vs. George Lucas

The People vs George Lucas

If someone asks, “Did you see the People versus…?” you will probably be thinking of something entirely different. But this is a different thing, about a different guy. It’s actually a decent examination of the Star Wars film franchise and the nature of art i.e., when is art no longer the property of the artist and becomes, really, the property of the admirer?

6. Lincoln


Someday, someone should make a documentary about the creator of Lincoln Logs. Did you know John Lloyd Wright, the son of famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright, invented Lincoln Logs in Japan? And that Lincoln Logs structures are earthquake proof? Anyway, this movie stars Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln in a movie about Abraham Lincoln. It’s called Lincoln.

5. Tombstone


“I’m your Huckleberry.”

4. 1408


Seriously, this movie is not bad. All things considered, it’s actually pretty good. John Cusack stars in this adaptation of a Stephen King story about a failed writer (duh) who doesn’t believe in ghosts. He checks into a notoriously haunted room and, well, I bet you can guess what happens (hint: there are ghosts).

3. Major League

Major League

A hard luck team of misfits is able to scratch and claw their way to the top of the MLB much to the chagrin of their greedy owner.

2. Serpico


Based on a true story, Serpico finds Al Pacino doing his best Charlie Day impression. A story about crooked cops and the one guy who puts his life on the line to stop them.

1. Preacher: Season 1

Preacher Season 1

AMC is straight killing it with their television programming and this adaptation of the beloved comic book series is no different. For fans of the books, you’ll have little time adjusting once you settle in to the minor aesthetic differences of the characters. Season 2 drops June 19th and we couldn’t be more excited.