For Amazon Prime subscribers, May is sure to be a good month. A couple of buzzed about Oscar winning movies land on the service and a few new Amazon original shows will debut as well. Not to mention a bunch of James Bond movies to sweeten the deal!

25. A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story

Well, there’s nothing like Christmas in May? This is the classic tale of Ralphie and his beloved Red Rider BB Gun.

24. Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever is Eli Roth’s debut feature film and a contemporary horror classic. Before he was making your date squirm with movies like Hostel, he made this understated flesh-eating virus film starring Shawn Hunter from Boy Meets World.

23. Cecil B. Demented

Cecil B. Demented

While it’s often lambasted as being a “lesser” John Waters film, it’s still got everything you love from the counterculture icon—deranged and glamorous movie people and jokes that would make your mother blush. Cecil B. Demented is a true love letter to the directors and movies Waters admires (and a “loathe letter” to the MPAA).

22. Chuck & Buck

chuck and buck

A one-time favorite on the late-night-IFC-indie-darling circuit now makes its Prime debut. An unstable young man stalks his boyhood pal, now a slick record executive.

21. Gone with the Wind

Gone with the wind

The antebellum epic traces the rise and fall of the American South during the Civil War.

20. Life is Beautiful

Life is Beautiful

Lauded as one of the great films of the 20th century, Life is Beautiful was written by, directed by and starred the charismatic Robert Benigini. In the film, Benigni plays a Jewish Italian bookstore owner who uses his imagination to guard his son from the horrors of a Nazi internment camp.

19. Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Planes, Train, and AUtomobiles

PTA is probably one of the greatest buddy comedies, and ode to holiday travel, of all time. Steve Martin stars as a guy just trying to get home for Christmas. He gets tangled up with John Candy (in one of his best roles) and they set on an Odyssey across America.

18. Repo! The Genetic Opera

Repo! The Genetic Opera

Did critics pan this movie? Did Paris Hilton, in the waning stages of her popularity, make a cameo appearance? Did the film lack a coherent plot? Yes, yes and yes. But, Repo! is going to be one of those films that history will look back fondly on, and if we still have cult classics in the future, it will surely be one of them.

17. Winter’s Bone

Winter's Bone

A “hicks and handguns” movie, which also introduced America to its current sweetheart: Jennifer Lawrence. Lawrence plays Ree, as she searches for her father so the cops don’t take the house away from her catatonic mother and two siblings.

16. Manchester by the Sea

Manchester By the Sea

If you’ve got boner for Boston, boy do we have a film for you! Casey Affleck is all red-eyed and sad as he tries to come to grips with a handful of familial deaths in New England.

15. Moonlight


If you say anything remotely funny or parodical about Moonlight, Twitter will put you on its “Definitely Not Woke” list, and a MAGA hat and NRA membership form will appear on your doorstep.

So, suffice it to say, Moonlight is the absolute GOAT.

14. Jackie Brown

Jackie Brown

The oft looked over Tarantino film that stands as probably one of the finest. The ensemble is fantastic, the story is pretty good and Pam Grier is amazing.

13. The Ardennes

The Ardennes

The film is an admirable, Belgian take on the Coen Brothers’ formula. After a brutal home invasion goes wrong, one brother escapes while the other goes to prison. When the brother is released, well, you can imagine that things don’t get better and the reunion isn’t exactly heartwarming.

12. A Fistful of Dollars

A Fist full of dollars

Clint Eastwood as The Man with No Name begins his journey in the first of the “Dollars Trilogy” and a landmark of spaghetti westerns. The brooding hero enters the small town, proceeds to grit his teeth and kill bad guys in front of the incredible and iconic score by Ennio Morricone.

11. School Ties

School Ties

Anti-Semitism abounds in this New England prep school drama. Nice-guy Matt Damon bullies Brendan Fraser and we’ll all learn something in the end. If you’re wondering whether or not Ben Affleck is also in this movie, you’ll be pleasantly surprised that, yes, he is!

10. No Way Out

No Way Out

A throwback to espionage thrillers of the 40’s and 50’s, No Way Out features Kevin Costner as a Navy Lieutenant who sleeps with the wrong woman. When that woman turns up dead, he begins to suspect it might have something to do with her husband, Gene Hackman, as Defense Secretary David Brice.

9. Paradise Lost 2: Revelations

Paradise Lost 2

Despite the title, no, it’s not a Dan Brown novel adaptation starring Tom Hanks and it’s also not a proselytizing ego piece by Kirk Cameron, but the sequel to one of the finest modern crime documentaries. Paradise Lost 2 continues the search for truth in the case of the West Memphis Three.

8. The Doors

The Doors

Oliver Stone is a weird director. He made a slew of classics in the 70’s and 80’s and then something happened. The Doors is great for any fan of the band and Val Kilmer gives himself totally to the role, but… it’s just not a great movie, y’know?

7. Denial


The second film Amazon is streaming this month revolving around anti-Semitism. Denial focuses on Holocaust scholar Deborah E. Lipstadt and her stranger-than-fiction legal battle with David Irving, a Holocaust denier. Spoiler Alert: Irving is a racist anti-Semite.

6. The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz

The classic film concerns itself with the travels of a murderous young girl and her brainless, heartless and cowardly accomplices.

5. Pride


Striking mine workers in Margaret Thatcher’s England gain some unlikely allies. Can these two seemingly strange bedfellows work together for equal rights?

4. The Bad News Bears

Bad News Bears

If the admirable-yet-flawed Billy Bob Thornton remake left a bad taste in your mouth, don’t fear, the original is still awesome. Walter Matthau plays the grumpy kids baseball coach who’s charged with whipping the hardscrabble team of misfits into shape.

3. Fatal Instinct

Fatal Instinct

The film is a sendup of all of those steamy thrillers from the 80’s and 90’s in the vein of Hot Shots or Naked Gun. It wasn’t well received by the critics of yesteryear but you’ll be happy to know it’s aged decently.

2. I Love Dick (Amazon Original)

I Love DIck

Amazon is certainly trailing Netflix in original programming but their new show from Transparent creator Jill Soloway should get them some good press. The series is based on the famous feminist novel of the same name by Chris Kraus, centering on the writer’s sexual obsession with Dick (played here by Kevin Bacon). Expect smart, funny writing and probably no more than three seasons.

1. All of the Weird Fireplaces and Videos for Your Cat

All of the Weird Fireplaces and Videos for Your Cat

Did you know hiding in the depths of Amazon Video, that there are bunches of fireplace, aquarium and thunderstorm videos? Some of them go on for upwards of eight hours! There are even videos that are geared toward entertaining your cat like two puppies playing over a rag and mice running across the screen. It’s really weird and cool.

These videos are also great if you live in Colorado or California (if you catch our drift).